Quicke Dimension Q46

Working angles*
43° maximum crowd angle. 60° maximum dump angle

Lift height
3.75 metres at arm centre
3.45 metres under level implement

*Varies depending on implement

Tractor size
Approximately 60-100hp and/or 45-75 kW

Recommended tractor weight
Up to approximately 4,000kg. In addition to engine strength, the tractor’s weight and size influence your choice of loader.

Loader weight

Lifting force at 195 bar
1. 2,400 kg at pivot pin, ground level
1,900 kg at pivot pin, maximum lift height

2. 1,910 kg 800 mm from pivot pin, ground level
1,800 kg 800 mm from pivot pin, 1.5 m lift height
1,630 kg 800 mm from pivot pin, maximum lift height

3. 2,770 kg maximum rollback force 800 mm from pivot pin

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Easier work in the dark.

LoaderLight is a LED loader illumination kit for dealer install developed and designed for Quicke Dimension Series and Trima Plus Series.

The especially designed lights are integrated under the knee plates to follow

the position of the arm.

A perfect tool for the winter season. LoaderLight illuminates the implements while working in the dark, especially useful when working with pallet forks.

LoaderLight contains two 10 W heavy duty LED lamps (2x900 lumen), 12 V and 2x0,75 Ampere, IP68. Compatible with all other options except 4th function and ESV valve.

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