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Your Strength

To provide strength is one thing. To maximise the power across a full range of functions is another matter entirely.

That’s when you will notice the superior performance in your work and get the most out of your tractor’s potential – every day, year after year. For this reason we constantly develop our products, resulting in the markets most versatile power package, with multiple advantages that pay for themselves – and more – in many different ways. The extreme satisfaction when you look back over your working day. The high quality that becomes more obvious every year. Quite simply, a power that pays for itself and lasts longer – it is an important part of the unique Quicke feeling!

Efficiency through personal design

Annually, we spend thousands of hours developing the design of everything from pins to loader arms. Our obvious focus is that our design solutions should make your work more efficient, safe and more ergonomic.

The reward is all the positive responses we have had from tractor owners the world over. It makes us feel rather safe in the knowledge that no other front loader beats Quicke for wellthought out and closely tested design. This is a position we want to maintain and strengthen, to always be your first choice. Your challenges are therefore also ours. We are not happy until you are happy. This is why, for us, design will always be more than just about shape.

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